Doe Bay Internet Users Assocation : 360-298-7821

This website is being served by a computer at the Doe Bay water tank. It's purpose is to provide you with information about the DBIUA system.

Current Network Status

Current Network Status
Last Updated: Sat Aug 19 19:15:01 PDT 2017
Updated every 90 seconds
Nagios® Core™ 3.5.1 -
Logged in as dbiuaadmin
Host Status Totals
Up Down Unreachable Pending
120 0 0 0
All Problems All Types
0 120
Service Status Totals
Ok Warning Unknown Critical Pending
120 0 0 0 0
All Problems All Types
0 120

Status Summary For All Host Groups

Host GroupHost Status SummaryService Status Summary
DBIUA Backbone (dbiua)
42 UP
42 OK
DBIUA Members (dbiua_member)
73 UP
73 OK
Internet Stuff (internet)
4 UP
4 OK
Microwave Connection (startouch)
1 UP
1 OK

Current Network Traffic

Curent System Status Map

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Buoy Bay

DBIUA Clubhouse

Startouch Contact Info

888-733-0203 Option 2

This number should only be called when the main microwave connection is down.